Friday, 4 March 2016

Living Alone and Loving It!


I sold my big home with it's big garden and downsized to a doll's house in Lifestyle Village.I ruthlessly rid myself of excess furniture
and other useless"stuff",either by sale or donation.I even asked my sons to pick up their junk.They didn't,so I tossed it.Yes.Ruthless.


Because I live solo,I can please myself as to how I decorate my little home.YAY! I like a pretty,minimalist style,white on white or cream
with pops of hot pink and aqua or blue.I high light my treasures on floating shelves or I create interesting corners with bits and pieces
that work together.


Just as well that I am a tidy person,as the pared down decorating style demands an absence of clutter.
Smaller space,less possessions means less time spent on housework and more time for ME!

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