Thursday, 17 March 2016

Fri.18th March FOOTY FEVER


Now,here is where I probably will surprise you.I am a keen fan of AFL and
Hawthorn, last year's premiers,is my team.I grew up in Victoria,where every-
body barracks for a favourite team,usually following a family tradition.One
of my earliest memories is of a Tigers/ Hawks match in front of  80,000 
roaring fans at the mighty Melbourne Cricket Ground.I have had a fear of
crowds ever since.


I am so envious of the young women who play in the rapidly expanding
women's Australian Rules leagues.As a kid,I could play footy with the
neighbourhood boys,but had to settle for the more ladylike sports like
tennis and netball.
The first female goal umpire caused a stir some years back,but now there
are women who will referee the senior AFL games,bouncing the Sherrin in the
middle to the cheers of the fans.Go for it, girls

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