Tuesday, 12 April 2016



The Tuncurry Breakwall or a Rock' n ' Stroll

I love to walk along the Tuncurry breakwall and this
sunny Saturday is no exception.There are many others
walking and cycling,enjoying the view across the water
to Forster.A few sweaty runners pound the pavement
past some old guys fishing from the rocks.A white
fluffy dog yips at me and I smile nicely at it's owner.

Halfway along the breakwall is a pretty park and a
netted lagoon for safe swimming.Overlooking this
tranquil scene is the Rockpool Cafe,a favourite
hangout for the latte and lycra lovers.

The Forster-Tuncurry breakwalls are like long arms
stretching into the ocean,making a channel for
Wallis Lake to meet the sea.It's a run out tide.The
water churns treacherously.Yet on the ocean side,
the waves roll in tidy sets to the shore for the
board- riders and body surfers.

A Bridge Too Far? Just Get Over It.

Linking the touristy towns of Forster and Tuncurry
is a long,low-slung bridge that takes about 10 to 15
minutes to walk across.From a viewing platform.I
spot two dolphins dipping and gliding in the clear
aqua water.Pelicans and seagulls camp out on a
sand bank and cormorants hang their wings out to

A little tinnie with a big esky in it chugs by and whale
watchers wave cheerily from the open deck of an
ocean- going cruiser.

The Path to Paradise on the Forster Foreshore.

I step off the bridge into the shade of a Morton Bay
Fig on the Forster foreshoreA family is having a
messy picnic in front of the caravan park that gives
the grey nomads and other excapists handy access
to boatramps,beaches and the town facilities.

Following the path under the bridge,I see that the
farmers' market is in full swing beside the tourist
Information Centre.Not for me,today,I have a
different destination in mind.Just up ahead is
The Paradise Marina and seafood cafe.

The Seafood Cafe Presents Prawn Stars.

The Paradise Marina and seafood cafe is high on
list of foodie faves.When I lunch with my tennis 
buddies,I usually order the Japanese Prawns.
Imagine green prawns cooked in a crispy coating
and served with a Japanese dipping sauce and an
Asian green salad. On the Yum Scale it's a 10.

Chilled champagne is the cool companion to this
little feast.

As I am walking back home,I marvel again that I
live in this delightful corner of the Mid North Coast.
of NSW.


S Mac said...

Just delightful!

S Mac said...

Just delightful!