Monday, 11 April 2016


The Style Queen Gets Creative

I met an artist at yoga this morning.Enthusiastic and inspired
to paint again,I went to the cupboard to get my art supplies.
Well,I disturbed a nest of very angry ants that ran out all over
the place.

By the time I cleaned out the cupboard,I really had to force
myself to get organised to paint.Luckily,I already had a canvas
prepared,so with some background jazz to set the mood,away
I went.

Stylised daisies seemed to appear by themselves.A work in
progress,I think.Now the kitchen's a mess,there are blue paint
smears everwhere and I am feeling in a creative zone and very

The blue and gold couple  and the girl in the pink hat are my first
attempts at oil painting.I wanted to learn something new.

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