Thursday, 7 April 2016



My first best friend was also called Robyn and she was a little freckley redhead.
We were 5 years old and inseperable for 6 months before Robyn changed
schools and went out of my life for ever.

In my teens,there was Sue,whose hair was the colour and curl of a golden
spaniel's ears.When rain threatened,the underneath of Sue's hair turned a rich
titian red.

I flirted with red hair for myself,but settled on blonde and always had ginger

When I travelled over seas,I found myself in Tokyo with Angela and her cloud
of red curls.Robbin and Angela,the blonde and the redhead sure had fun
getting lost in the land of the rising sun.

During my long career in the Hair and Beauty Industry, I coloured up a storm
but the many shades of red were my favourites,even if my clients were not
so sure.A couple of those sometimes reluctant redheads are still friends
although I no longer colour their hair.

Renae and Simone are redheads and red hot.They were both super stylists
and are now super mums; former workmates,forever friends.

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