Thursday, 28 April 2016



What happened at the library on my first day
as a volunteer? I ran into many old friends as
I wheeled a trolley full of books to be returned
to the shelves.

I said hello to Moby Dick and Lord of the Rings,
the Hobbit and Hucklebury Finn.I saw the Girl
with the Dragon Tattoo and smiled at a dusty
Germaine Greer.

The Cat in the Hat and the Hungry Hippo were
in the children's corner with the Wiggles and
Humphrey Bear on DVD.Where's Wally? I still
don't know.

On the flip side,I knew very few in the Military
and only nodding aquaintances in Religions
of the World.

I must admit to flirting with some new friends
to take home with me next week when I am on
volunteer duty at the the library again.

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