Wednesday, 22 June 2016



America has the Donald and Hillary going head to
head for the top job.Drama and intrigue prevail.
Australia has Bert and Ernie facing off for the plum
prize of Prime Minister.Gee,who looks better in a
high-vis vest and hard hat?

Here's the thing.There's a big pot of tax payers'
money and a great chunk of debt to divvy up for
schools,hospitals and roads etc.We voters know
that the biggest pile of the loot is set aside to
fund the retirement of those who win a seat in

An honorable member can sit  for ten minutes,
get tossed out for memory loss regarding the
ownership of a diamond mine,and put a hand
out for the golden goodies.

There's a top of the range wheelchair for Hawkie
and a lifetime of trakky daks for John Howard.
Kevin Rudd has many mobiles and Julia has
racks and racks of designer jackets.

Oh,alright,call me a cynic.I guess I am.Although,
I love it that Australian elections must be held
before the Footy Finals or after the Melbourne
Cup.Voting is compulsory,otherwise no-one
would bother.

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