Wednesday, 18 May 2016



When I retired,I made plans.I plan to be fit and
healthy.I no longer smoke,I indulge in the odd
glass of wine,I control my weight with a good
diet and lots of exercise.

I walk every day,play competition tennis,practice
yoga.Yay me,right?

John Lennon said,"Life happens when you are
making other plans."

I have a kink in my back from my vounteer job
lugging books round the local library.My dicky
knee requires an elastic brace to get me onto
a tennis court.Chewing all those healthy nuts
and grains cracked my dental bridge.

I cancelled the plan to take an island cruise.
Boo hoo,John.

Just when I have all this time to do all those
things that I couldn't do because of work,my
body packs it in.

On a positive note,I have really healthy hair
and a bright smile.I hadn't planned that.

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